5 Surprisingly Enjoyable Ways You Can Take Care of Mother Earth, Everyday

Earth Day

5 Surprisingly Enjoyable Ways You Can Take Care of Mother Earth, Everyday

5 Surprisingly Enjoyable Ways You Can Take Care of Mother Earth, Everyday

If you are watching the news you already know, global change is moving faster than any changes we can make. We can’t catch up but we can catch on. You already know about re-cycling, re-using and re-purposing, Next step? Its time to review, research, re-evaluate every choice we make every minute of every day. What’s next doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or dreary, bland or boring, limiting or living life less. It’s about being conscious and knowledge, creative and co-operative.

Make meat a delicacy not a staple.
With all the superstars and athletes who are touting vegan lifestyles, you probably get that vegetarians are ahead of the curve. They are fitter, slimmer, more flexible and possibly more at ease with where the planet is going. If you have been eating meat most of your life, telling you to become a vegan is like telling you to climb Mount Everest. However, if you can begin with small steps, the rest will follow. Alter your portions. Move into precious helpings of wild caught fish. Surround small bites of organic chicken with a selection of colorful vegetables. And turn that hamburger into a lean bison slider. Pretty soon your taste for the red meat that is destroying our land and waterways and totally unsustainable in our future world, will change dramatically. Not only will it do wonders for your mind, body and soul – you will be doing your part to bring nature back to its true beauty and health.

Bring a sense of peace onto the planet.
Fossil fuel exhausts make up only half of the pollution we are dealing with today. The other half is all the ‘hot air’ we human beings put out into the universe. With every shady thought we share, every conflict we continue, every grudge we hold, and every gab of gossip we pass on, we cloud the air with unrest. Exercising compassion, patience and understanding with your fellow man will do wonders for mankind. Add to that meditation, yoga, a walk in nature, anything that adds up to ‘loving kindness, will clear the air. Some may think this is just a lot of talk from a wacked-out ‘love activist’. But if you have ever walked into a room where an argument was in play you know already, thoughts are things. Clean up those very personal ‘things’ and you will be a happier human being. And like laughter, it will spread.
Check out my ‘love gift.’ It is a simple and proven process for transforming bad thoughts into good energy.

Turn your food into more food.
Its as simple as 123. When you separate your raw leftovers and compost them in your garden, you are not only recycling food, and feeing your soil, you are creating less hot waste and giving our planet back vital nutrients it is losing. And you are cutting down on the energy we are pounding into land fills and garbage handlers. You might have to go out and buy a small sealable waste can to do this, but every time you do, you will you will enrich our soil, which turns your food waste into planet food. Our good friends over at Captain Planet Foundation have a more in-depth guide on composting. And while you are there, check out how to make a butterfly garden.

Say “save the trees” to those pesky little receipts 
Isn’t it driving you crazy every time you check out of a supermarket, or store or gas station, they hand you a useless piece of paper that you have to throw away? And to add insult to injury, many receipts are coated with a nasty layer of chemical-based film that is toxic. So wash after handling. So stop them before they print out the receipt and say “no thanks. Save the trees. You will get a smile and an acknowledgement out of them anyway. Maybe you can go one step further. It’s time we started educating corporations on these small unconscious acts of waste. Many supermarkets now no longer need a receipt for a return. Make sure they will accept your returns without a receipt. If they won’t ask them to please change their business practice. I have found that every cashier or store- owner is aware of the waste they are generating. Next act of education for your local store is to ask them to create a plastic free isle. They’re doing it all over Europe now, so why should we be lagging behind?

Discover the transformative power of ‘thank you’
Try to say ‘thank you’ without a smile. See, you can’t. Know why? The very intention of those two words comes from your heart. And a smile is the physical connection from the head to the heart. Thank you makes you feel good. Thank you makes the person you are directing it to feel good. We have a friend who is a billionaire. He has one of the most generous hearts on the planet – been doing things for mother earth since he was a little boy. He has thousands of employees, and the most used words in his vocabulary are thank you. His employees would take a bullet for him because he can’t help but show them love every time he is with them. So say after me, thank you thank you thank you. Look into anothers’ eyes and say it again. You will see, It can change everything. Not promising you are going to suddenly turn into a billionaire. But you will be living a richer happier life with more than you started out with today.

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