I wrote and directed this short film about the honorable Ted Turner, and it was produced by his son Rhett Turner. It screened at the United Nations. I urge you to watch and be inspired by the work of this incredible man.

In 1993 Christina had a dream that she was to go to Calcutta and film Mother Teresa’s message to the world. Against all odds, she succeeded and Saint Teresa’s award winning “Revolution of Love” message garnered over 20 million dollars worth of free airtime and aired all over the world.

To honor Mother Teresa, the greatest love activist in the world, as she becomes Saint Teresa on September 4th, Christina is launching the call to love.

Welcome to LOVE RULES! A weekly series of personal affirmations promising you a life of power, purpose, prosperity, passion and peace.

Seven time-tested, proven true principles of love and how you can harness its power to transform your life. Together with some tips and exercises to jog your memory. You already know these truths, yet a little reminder is always good.

LOVE: The Saint and the Seeker, Grand Prize Winner of Hay House International Writing Competition is now an Audiobook.



Christina Stevens is a Sydney born award-winning author and filmmaker, environmental strategist, aerobatic pilot, and inspirational speaker. Christina’s work ranges from expanding consciousness and youth empowerment to solutions for global sustainability and happiness. She speaks often at the United Nations and is an active advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Christina’s storytelling as inspiration for social change has made her the recipient of the coveted Gold Lion, the highest award from the Venice Film Festival. She has also won numerous Clios, New York Art Directors Awards, and International Broadcasting Awards. The fundraising film she produced for Steven Spielberg’s Starbright Foundation won perhaps the largest one showing donation ever of any documentaryseven million dollars.


As a former Board Member of Earth Communications Office (ECO), Media Consultant for Greenpeace USA and the American Council for Renewable Energy, she has worked alongside many of today’s leading environmental scientists, activists, corporate heads, and political and religious leaders. Christina currently serves on the Special Projects Committee of the Directors’ Guild of America. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Captain Planet Foundation, whose mission is to inspire and empower the world’s youth to work as environmental stewards.


Executing her mission of addressing complex sustainability trends with governments, corporations, NGO’s, and civil society, Christina’s focus on preserving cultural roots and empowering people helps build replicable models and hope towards a safe and unified future. This has led her to work in developing nations on the forefront of global transformation—from the visionary Kingdom of Bhutan, to the culturally diverse nations of Indonesia and Myanmar.


Her first memoir, LOVE: The Saint and the Seeker, won the Hay House International Writing Competition Grand Prize. She also wrote a series of children’s books and continues to write thought-provoking memoirs and and films from her home in Malibu, California. Christina is also a licensed pilot. Her love of antique planes led to invitations from the US Government to fly display, preceding the illustrious Blue Angels.