7 Simple Tips on how to Have Much More Love in Your Life

7 Simple Tips on how to Have Much More Love in Your Life

There is really only one thing we can all count on…one thing that can bring positive change into our unsettled world…and that’s love.

Love is the energy that will alter the course of your life; the kindness that can feed an army; the service that can heal a dying man; the muscle that can turn a man of fear into a man of courage. Love is the power that can transform a world of conflict into a world of comfort.

In this moment of global shift, where unexpected climate variables are tipping us into economic and civil strife, making regions vulnerable to religious extremes and cultural misunderstandings, there is really only one thing we can all count on…one thing that can bring positive change into our unsettled world…and that’s love.

Scientists agree we are at the frontier of understanding what love actually is. We do know it is evidence of something greater than the space-time continuum – for certainly love exerts a force that can penetrate dimensions.

How we harness this force of nature is really very simple. It comes down to you and I and how we live each day.

There is no time like the present to be present.

1. Love begins at home, with you.

To bring more love into your world, you first need to be in love with YOU. We have all looked outside ourselves for love, when there is no guarantee on what we will find. And whatever it may appear to be, you can’t take it personally. So don’t look for ‘the one’ to complete you. Be the one to complete yourself. We are all mirrors for each other. What you see is who you are. Love, peace, joy, is the most attractive energy you can create. You will ooze beauty and become a magnet for the love you seek. To begin is simple. Go to sleep with good thoughts and you are guaranteed to wake with a smile. Wake up and thank your lucky stars you are alive. Begin each day with an attitude of gratitude. As the day unfolds, transmit love. Smile at a stranger. See love in every face you look upon. Instead of seeking or doubting another’s love for you, affirm your love for them. Take charge of your feelings and watch your reality transform. This law of attraction is the most constant law of mankind you will encounter.

There comes a time in all things when there is nothing more to do than to wait – in full expectation.

2. Love is free, like air.

Love is accessible at every moment of every day. Freely offered, it is there for us all to activate. Sure, there will be good days and bad days. But if you can remember, during the hiccups, that we are all breathing this air, this love, together, then you will recognize the power you have to turn a bad day around. Our only responsibility is to keep love clean – free from the pollution of fear, anxiety and mistrust. Some of us believe we have fallen in love, when we have no way of knowing what real love is. Love is so many things, that perhaps it is wiser to look at what it is not. When we feel jealousy, it has nothing to do with love. When we seek revenge, it is not an aspect of love. When we are possessive or obsessive, love is not present. When we are plotting and planning, maneuvering or manipulating, love is mindset, not heartfelt. When our brain is contriving there is no space to let love in. When we attempt to control love, we block the natural course of love and refuse this enormous influence to work its magic in our life. When you simply know, love is there, only needing to be tapped into –that is when you will unleash its power.

When you nurture your inner world as much as you do your outer world, your life will take an unexpected turn.

3. Love is nature.

Human nature and Mother Nature are inextricably entwined in love. You could say God is love and love is God. And wherever God expresses itself, love is. A flower, a tree, a river, a cloud, a blade of grass, a drop of water, flowing, growing, ever changing, always in movement, always in flux, forever revealing its newness and beauty. This is what love is, in all its facets. Wherever you can touch nature, in the city or the country, honour her. ‘Take time to smell the roses’, is an old and trusted saying and one especially for today, when we seemingly are always in such a hurry. It simply means, love is always there, waiting for your discovery. When we are respectful of the earth, the water, the trees, that are all around us, given to nurture and nourish us, we are illuminating the natural authority of the one thing that is greater than all of us. In our relationships, we can do well by learning from nature. If you want love to grow, don’t hold it close and smother it…for you will kill it. Like nature, love needs oxygen to live. It must breathe. It must expand to evolve. Tap into this natural evolution and you will find your cup overflowing.

You cannot give to the outside what you do not have on the inside.

4. Love is mindful.

Focus your attention on the life you want. This is not the first time you have heard this, and it won’t be the last.  Being mindful is to think consciously, rather than letting your unconscious mind run amok in fear and judgment, creating feelings that will bring havoc in your personal world.  Centre your imagination upon the positive good to illustrate your best life.  Vision more and act less. Build up your awareness of everything you want in your life and you will draw it to you. The universe is here to give you what you want. So don’t waste time focusing on what you don’t have, or you will create more of that –rather put your attention on the abundance that is wanting to be yours.

When you see yourself in all your phases of happiness, success and accomplishment, you feel complete, and you send out a vibration of love and joy that is infectious.At the same time you are sending the message of bliss to your cells, to ripple through your DNA, until your entire body is resonating that which wants to resonate with you. Love is the recognition that you are exactly what you have made of yourself, bringing out the best in all who are around you.

Love is the greatest teacher in the world.

5. Love is family.

This can be the most challenging yet rewarding love of all. Your growth is enigmatically connected to your family as your destinies from the beginning have been inextricably woven. In soul you selected your family–for their presence and their absence, their closeness and their separation, their nurturing, and yes, even their abandonment. Whatever has occurred in your family make-up, you have signed on for their education in love, and because of that, you can never claim to be a victim of familial actions. You grow up, having chosen to grow amidst their secrets and shortcomings, their hopes and fears; to learn from their truths and their lies. In family, to love is to learn the lesson. Familial love can be difficult at times, because of what you have chosen to learn in this life. Once you see all sides of a disagreement, you allow yourself to be more flexible, to forgive, and to know when to let go. As your relationship to your family matures, your capacity to love unconditionally, becomes seasoned.

Never look at the masses as your responsibility. Look at the individual and love one person at a time. And pretty soon that love will spread to the masses.

6. Love is service.

This is where we make life beautiful, this is the love you can see –love in action: the activator. It’s the most natural to give, the smoothest road to travel and the most rewarding of all. It is simple to be of service to another. When a friend calls, say “What may I do for you today?”And when you know of one who is in need, be assertive with your caring and step out of your regular routine and say: “I am going to do this for you today.”Don’t be misled. Blissful as it is to give, the art of receiving is an unsung hero. It’s the true flow of love that comes from the soul. When given freely, without expectation of thanks or reward; it feeds the soul in both the giver and the receiver. And when a generous act is accepted with open arms, it is its own climax. Be in an attitude of gratitude and love received is love requited. And that is a joy to behold.

In life, we all are destined for downtimes. We all are put to task, to ask and receive. There is a certain ceremony to love in service, with no feelings of pride or expectation, reward or thanks. It is not to feel sorry for, or to look down on. It is to recognize yourself in another, to see God in the face you look upon, and to realize this person has come into your space for a reason. You are in service to them, and they are also in service to you. Be grateful for the opportunity because gratitude is where love begins.

In love you can never be small. The moment you open yourself up to love you become infinite.

7. Love is taking responsibility for your participation in the world.

Once you realize the connection you have with every other person on the planet, your perspective shifts. Your heart opens and you become all-powerful, able to touch all by your simple acts. We are breathing the same air, living on the same planet, a part of the same human family. We are one. Inextricably linked, forever connected.

Quotes taken from her memoir: Love: The Saint and the Seeker.

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