Let Us Begin A Revolution of LOVE

Let Us Begin A Revolution of LOVE

You sense we as a planet are in the midst of a paradigm shift. You have an awareness that you have been put here on earth for a reason; that you can be the one to usher in change.

You are a seeker. As you look into your heart and into the future, you see there is no more need for poverty, hunger or war. Your salute is a smile and your weapon, a hug. You want to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. You want to save the elephants and the tigers, and the trees ~ goodness, you want to save everything. You want to turn your passion into action. You want to share the LOVE.

Wherever these feelings seem to come from, trust them. Trust them for all you are worth. They are your direct contact with God within you, or if you prefer to call it your source, your higher self, your soul essence. Those feelings will turn you into a force to be reckoned with and lead you directly to your life’s purpose.

In working together, we will encourage and empower you to go for it! We are here to help how you intend to live your life, to the best, and fullest ~ here to multiply your efforts and energies into making this world a happier, more blissful place.

The Love Revolution.
Not born of anger or fear, greed or violence, this is a revolution greater and more profoundly far-reaching than any we can imagine, because it is born of Love. Once it begins, it can spread like a burning fire, from house to house. For by loving one another, we can spread throughout the world, peace, joy, unity and Love.



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