Love In Action: Highlighting Hurricane Harvey #LoveActivists

Love In Action: Highlighting Hurricane Harvey #LoveActivists


Source: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images for The Telegraph

This week, we’ve witnessed one of the worst rainstorms in U.S. history. Hurricane Harvey has unloaded over 50 inches of rain east of Houston, Texas, the greatest amount ever recorded in the Lower 48 states from a single storm. Source: Washington Post

During times of emergencies and despair, we are reminded that love is a verb. We at, are encouraged by many of the individuals, and even companies, that have become humanitarians; acting in kindness and giving love to strangers, because now is a time when love is needed most.

15 People Saved from Nursing Home

Source: Ryan Hughes on Twitter @WFLARyan

Source: Ryan Hughes on Twitter @WFLARyan


Volunteers Rescuing their Neighbors from Flood Waters

Source: Scott Clause/The Advertiser via The San Diego Union-Tribune


Gallery Furniture Converts to Makeshift Shelter


Civilians Rescue 20 People Trapped in an Apartment Complex 

Source: James Breeden for The Telegraph

A Mother’s Love
Colette Sulcer died while saving her 3-year old daughter from drowning. Colette placed the child on her back while she attempted to swim to safety.

Source: twitter/cabellus

What can we do?
Here’s how you can be a #LoveActivist at this time when it means so much.


After you’ve donated, submit your Love action at

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