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The secret to real success in life is learning how to live a spiritual life in what ‘appears’ to be a non-spiritual world. Tap into that invisible part of you that is influencing every dream, desire, decision, and diversion you can come up with. Timelessly, endlessly, you have always had the talents this specialty retreat will uncover, to give you the lasting fulfillment you deserve.

Christina Stevens sums it up in one word, LOVE. Love for yourself, love for your family, love for everyone around you and love for your home, our planet.  Whatever your background, your family footprint, your professional status, your romantic situation, your gifts or your challenges – living in the loving is your sovereign right.

If you are at a crossroads, due to the loss of a loved one, an unexpected bounty, or if you are seizing the opportunity for change, your life is about to transform.  Take charge of the change and become the author of your own desired destiny. Whoever you are today; you will not be the same tomorrow.

Retreat Outcomes:

  • Understand more fully, the mysteries surrounding your spiritual nature
  • Realize your own internal potential
  • Clarify your needs and desires to manifest lasting fulfillment
  • Learn tools for living mindfully, in the ‘now’ moment
  • Understand how giving to another will be the greatest gift you receive
  • Learn how to listen to the deeper recesses of your soul
  • Transform your energy and in turn, the energy of those around you
  • Activate your passion to turn your dreams into realities
  • Hidden talents, dormant powers and new knowledge will likely appear.

Internationally renowned, Australian born author, filmmaker and communicator, Christina Stevens has worked all over the world, winning awards as diverse as the Venice Film Festival’s coveted Gold Lion, New York Art Directors Awards and the Grand Prize for Writing from Hay House Publishing.

This is a unique opportunity to spend time with the vision and knowledge Christina has gained while working alongside many of the world’s foremost spiritual, entrepreneurial and scientific leaders and Nobel Laureates.

Christina has taken an intuitively unexpected path to success, invited to speak regularly at the United Nations, and at Universities across India and Asia, addressing topics ranging from expanding consciousness to youth empowerment, to solutions for global sustainability and happiness. A US resident, she presently serves on the Special Projects Committee of the Directors Guild of America and on the Board of Directors of Ted Turner’s Captain Planet Foundation.

Cost is $395 per person and can be booked at Golden Door Elysia Australia.

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