How to make this the Best Valentines Day you have Ever had

How to make this the Best Valentines Day you have Ever had

best valentines day ever
How blessed we are to have a day dedicated to loving.

One day where we have license to be brave, to lift the veil of shyness, uncertainty or conflict, and let our heart out to play.

“Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow a mystery.

We have only today – this moment. Now.

Let us begin.”


Jump out of bed and drink in the realization that you are a unique emanation of God ~ irreplaceable in all the world.

As the sun rises, or the mist grows or the rain falls, smile in knowing nature will seek you out wherever you are and love you today in it’s own exceptional and empowering way.


Be still, if even for a few moments and ponder what you will do for you today. Think about how you will love and pamper yourself. Will you massage cream all over your body? Tinker in your garage? Do two hours of yoga? Read poetry under a tree? Go pick wildflowers. Walk along a beach or browse your favorite antique store? Or do all of the above. Turn your thoughts into actions and do something that is uniquely just for you.


“Love arrives in an instant.

enters everywhere

and lives on throughout eternity.”


Then, without expectation of success, take all that good energy you have gifted yourself and share it. Love is a verb.


Plan a love healing. If you have a friend who is not well, send them your prayers. Reach out to someone you have fallen out with. Or reconnect with someone you have lost touch with. Introduce yourself to someone who looks like they may need a friend. Offer yourself in service to a neighbor. Or simply catch the eye and smile at everyone you pass by.


Give it and receive it. Share your love today, without caution and without agenda. And the gifts you will receive in return will be bigger, sweeter, and more lasting than any Valentines chocolate or trinket you could ever hope for.


Happy Valentine’s Day.

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