California Wildfires & Nuclear Meltdown Site

California Wildfires & Nuclear Meltdown Site


Everyday, we should be educating ourselves and seeking to learn new things. It is vital that we know how dangerous the air can be, and take steps to ensure the well being of our future generations.


Christina —

My biggest fears are being realized and I need your help. You’ve seen the news that California’s wildfires are spreading fast, putting hundreds of thousands of people in danger and already killing more than two dozen people this past weekend. But did you know that one of the fires started at the site of the worst nuclear meltdown in U.S. history? And because we have failed for decades to clean up this site, hundreds of thousands of people may be exposed to toxic chemicals potentially being carried in the smoke. That includes residents, firefighters, first responders, medical staff, and people who live in neighboring communities. This is my worst nightmare, and this fire shows why we need to act now to clean up the Santa Susana Field Lab once and for all. Will you sign my petition demanding a full cleanup of this nuclear site? I know the dangers of the Santa Susana Field Lab all too well because it sits in my community’s backyard. In the 1950s, an uncontained partial meltdown caused such a devastating radiation leak that causes many to think Santa Susana is the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history. But this disaster was covered up for years, and the poisoning of our community has left my town suffering from debilitating health effects — including a wave of children who developed rare cancers that I’m convinced are linked to the toxins still in the ground at Santa Susana. Children like my daughter Grace Ellen, who along with 50 other children in this community was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. These wildfires are devastating communities all over California, and we can’t sit silent for one more minute while a nuclear meltdown site sends potentially toxic and radioactive smoke miles and miles into the air. The health of millions of people is now tragically at stake. Please sign my petition. These wildfires, on top of the dozens of cases of childhood cancer in my community, show once again why we cannot wait to demand a clean up of the Santa Susana Field Lab.

Thank you for taking action,

Melissa Bumstead Los Angeles, CA


Click here to sign the petition and learn more.

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