A Message that Lifted My Spirits

A Message that Lifted My Spirits

“There are times, when kind words can truly soothe the soul. When someone reaches out at exactly the moment when you need a warm touch. Joel’s kind message made all those hard days worth it.”

A heartfelt email from someone who read my book, “Love: The Saint and the Seeker“, brought tears to my eyes, and moved me to my core. Joel’s message is raw and beautiful, and when I went to his website, I found that he is too.

I hope that Joel’s message warms you, as it did me, and may it encourage you to search deep within your heart to find a message to a loved one that you may need to send.

“Hi Christina,

I have debated over and over sending you this email for months now. I am not sure why, but now seems the right time to send it.

Last August was a very hard time for me. The love of my life and I had gone our separate ways (since we have gotten back together and married, there is a happy ending). We were in Montreal, attempting to settle there. We had driven there from Calgary in July 2018. As intense love connections often do, the emotions were overwhelming and it caused us to go our separate ways for 2 months. 

When I was on the Greyhound en-route back to Calgary, it was the lowest I have ever been. There is a very big life story leading up to this moment, however that is very long and for another time. 

The bus stopped for a few hours in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I went for a walk to ease my mind, to have a good cry alone. I don’t know what led me, but I felt pulled. That pull brought me right to a Chapters and the pull continued, feeling as an invisible thread was pulling my heart until it stopped and I know I had found it; your book “Love” was starring me right in the eyes.
Before I found your book, I was ready to check out. In fact, I even had letters written for my family and children from a past marriage, I was ready to leave this planet I hurt so bad. 

Then I started to read your words, right from the start when you began with how you were ready to leave, I was captivated. Reading your book, every page drawing me in more and more, every page making me realize how love was and is all around me, reading about how you struggled just like I did, moved me to choose love, to choose life. 

Fast forward to present day – My wife and I are now married for 2 months and just had our first child. Fate brought us together and we had realized just what we lost. During our time in Montreal we had conceived twins. They were just born and very early at that (26 weeks). Our little daughter Emma, did not make it. Our son Noah, is doing very well in NICU and will remain there until at least May. Shortly before this, I almost lost my mom to a heart condition. She has since recovered. 

This all inspired me to pursue my passion; music. I realized that life is too short to not live our passions. I just launched my first 4 debut tracks and website. My wife is so supportive and I am so grateful for her love. I am hoping to finish the rest of the album as soon as possible and creating it in my daughters memory, so she may bring hope, love and light through music to all who need it. It will be called “For Emma”. Starting this creative endeavor has had it’s difficulties as starting any new ventures does. This very much reminded me of the struggle you had to film Mother Teresa and how you never gave up. Perhaps that is what inspired me to finally reach out to you. 

“All I can hope for is that I can touch many live with my music, share love through my songs, share hope and inspiration. because after all, love can overcome anything.”

Thank you for your time. I hope you have a wonderful day.”

Joel Pearson

Joel is a singer/songwriter in Alberta Canada.

Joel’s music is written about stories from his life, his families and friends lives or those close to him. They are true inspirations of what he is. He aims to move those in dark times with hope and healing, to give those a voice who do not have one and to bring a moment of peace to those who need it most.

Joel’s music possesses a unique blend of country, blues, soul and rock. He sings, writes and performs from the heart in hopes of connecting many hearts.

Learn more about Joel and support his beautiful soul by visiting his website: https://joelpearson.ca/.

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